27 Jan 2015


Expanding international outreach plays an important part in the GBCNA’s advocacy work of sustainable built environment. Since its inauguration on 15 February 2012 as an Associated Working Group, and legally registered on 04 March 2013,  the GBCNA has been actively participating in the green building conventions including leading a delegation to Cape Town in South Africa in 2012 and organising the GBCNA Mini-Convention on 15 March 2013, delegations to the first WorldGBC Convention in Africa held Cape Town in 2013, and the one in Sao Paulo in August 2014, after holding the first Annual GBCNA Convention in July 2014 in Windhoek City, supported by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Corporate founder  members Environment Investment Fund (Platinum), Bicon Namibia (Silver), and Aurecon Namibia (Bronze). A GBCNA delegation to the Annual GBCSA Conventions is now routine,  and the one held in October 2014 was not left out. We have networking support from local like-minded green revolution NGOs like Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) for which we are associate members. We got in our first Convention last year involvement by green built environment professionals from Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. In this second convention GBCNA is calling for papers from across the African continent as well as friends from the rest of the world.

With the long-term full support from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), this enables us to engage in high-level training in the Green Star Rating Tools for our Assessors and Faculty members. We leverage this international support to facilitate knowledge and technology exchange, and expand the global connection in the green building industry. There will be recognition of buildings that have applied for certification as well as visit the newly certified FNB Plaza in the Windhoek CBD, among other efforts done in the City of Windhoek and its environs.

The Second GBCNA Convention sustainable building and construction, with no waste, attracts a core emphasis on peer-reviewed papers, presentations of regional policy papers and displays of assessed projects. The Convention will also provide fast-track inclusion of the best technical papers from national conferences into the regional and later global event, as well as registration policies designed to encourage the attendance of students and delegates from developing countries, sharing solutions in problem solutions with our governments.

GBCNA at the WorldGBC Convention in Sao Paulo in 2014, underscored the need for strong regional cooperation among  the Green Building Councils in support of efforts initiated by our only established building council in Africa, the GBCSA. Together we can grow faster regionally, then globally.

Come and participate in this great convention exchanging ideas to fast track saving the global approach for sustainable living into the future, for the sake of our off springs into the future. Papers should be sent in latest by 15 March 2015, with abstracts ready by 28 February 2015. Exhibitors of sustainable building materials, building methods, are all invited to the Convention, as well as sustainable property developers.

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