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A Green Building Council (GBC) is national non-profit, non-government organization that is part of a global network recognized by the World Green Building Council. GBCs are "transparent, consensus-based, not-for-profit coalition-based organizations with no private ownership and diverse and integrated representation from all sectors of the property industry;" and their overarching goal is promote a transformation of the built environment towards one that is sustainable (buildings and cities that are environmentally sensitive, economically viable, socially just and culturally significant).


Lead towards sustainable, green building in Namibia for this and future generations. Be world class, and a leading organization in Africa.


  1. Measurement tools
  2. Education and training
  3. Regulation
  4. Knowledge and expertise center
  5. Networking
  6. Material

1. Measurement tools

Ensuring the existence and assimilation of an inclusive, inventive, updated, cost effective measurement tool in line with international standards including:

  • A clear vision
  • Suitable organizational structure
  • An effective, systematic and professional mechanism for updating and developing the tool based on research and development in the area of green building
  • An effective certification mechanism
  • Teaching and training curriculums for examiners
  • A mechanism for certification, marketing, and branding

Remark: The GBCNA will work very closely with the Standard Institute in Namibia (NSI) to make a standard for green building. This process is accompanied by an expert from GBCSA/GBCA, who helps to make sure the new standard will be on an international footing.

2. Education and training

Creating a mechanism of:

  • Developing, implementing and updating first voluntary and then mandatory courses for all educational institutions of future leading organizations in the construction industry, and current training for all related disciplines: architects, urban planners, landscape designers, engineers and landscape engineers, appraisers, etc.
  • Promoting continuing training for all professionals in the broad spectrum of green building.
  • Promoting professional activities and events for varied audiences (professional and multi-disciplinary academic audience as well as the general public).

3. Regulation

Developing and leading towards comprehensive and contemporary regulation for all areas of green building and active involvement in all legislation initiatives in national and local governments.

  • Initiating and amending from the law bill stage to supervisor's directives stage (that means ensuring that regulation standard will include green building)
  • Unifying directives and regulations on a national level
  • Initiating and promoting incentives for green building
  • Encouraging the supervision and enforcement of laws and regulations
  • Remark: The Standard 5281 that we build with standard institute will be like a rating tool - it will include the basic standard which we hope will become mandatory and also the best practice.

4. Knowledge and expertise center

  • To become the leading, professional knowledge center in the field of green building
  • Building an active, professional and updated Internet website
  • Building and analyzing study cases available to the public
  • Building an updated knowledge library
  • Professional, high standard and innovative research in issues of green building:
  1. Initiating original research to further the council's agenda
  2. Initiating and leading original research in conjunction with other institutions and organizations
  3. Guidance and involvement in all academic studies being held in the field of green building in Israel

5. Networking

  • Providing a framework for organizations to influence and contribute to the promotion of all aspects of green building while reinforcing professional and business links among themselves.
  • Creating an accessible and friendly platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing among council members (including discussion groups, blog, connection to social networks, council's newsletter, mutual tours, etc.).

6. Materials

  • Encouraging and leading towards the development of environmentally friendly building materials by encouraging local industry
  • Supporting and feeding the process of obtaining a Green Seal from the Standards Institution of Namibia - Raising awareness of green materials among professionals and the general public
  • Building an accessible information tool to further the public's understanding of the field of green materials


Our Goal

To be an organization where members pursue excellence and enjoy high levels of satisfaction


Our Values

  • People orientation - respect, care about, support and develop people. Provide a safe workplace where members and staff can explore opportunities, enjoy themselves and achieve high levels of individual satisfaction.
  • Integrity - We are honest and open by saying what we believe, doing what we say and giving permission for others to do the same. Take responsibility, individually and as a team, for all that we do.
  • Excellence - We create an environment where people are clear about expectations and accountable for achieving excellent outcomes. Foster enquiry, innovation and creativity with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Leadership - Encourage leadership aligned to our values at all levels of our organization. Work together to best uses the skills and knowledge to pursue challenges and to deliver excellent services to customers and community.


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